The Kirksville Guild of Brewers (KGB) is a club devoted to promoting and advancing the science of homebrewing.  We actively create social interaction and activities based on the foundation of homebrewing.  Members should want to learn more about beer, techniques of brewing, and beer tasting and judging, even if they don’t have the desire to brew beer themselves.

We began meeting as a club in October of 2013.  The Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Chief Directorate of Finance, and Chief Directorate of Communications were confirmed in the March 2014 meeting.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us about your interest by using the Contact link above, ‘Like’ our Facebook page, and search and request to join the Kirksville Guild of Brewers Facebook Group.  You can also contact the Chairman, Ted Frushour, directly by calling him at 660-988-1798.

We welcome all kinds of members.  Those that are completely new to the art and science of homebrewing are most welcome.  We can help you get your start.  Not interested in brewing so much as helping with the process and wetting your beak with the reward?  You are still most welcome and appreciated!  Are you a total geek monster about all things brewing and have thousands of dollars of equipment invested to make beer constantly?  Join and get involved now!