KGB By-Laws

Article I – Purpose and Objectives

Section 1 – Purpose

To promote and advance the science of homebrewing.

Section 2 – Objectives

To create social interaction and activities based on the foundation of homebrewing.

To learn more about beer, techniques of brewing, build-your-own projects, beer tasting, beer judging, based on sharing knowledge and experience and the advancement of brewing science.

To provide the community with special events and fund-raising opportunities centered around homebrewing.

To promote the responsible use of alcoholic beverages.

[Section 3 – Legal

The purposes of the Kirksville Guild of Brewers shall be those non-profit purposes stated in the Articles of Incorporation, as they may be amended. No part of the net earnings or other assets of the Corporation shall inure to the benefit of, be distributed to or among, or revert to, any director, officer, contributor or other private individual having, directly or indirectly, any personal or private interest in the activities of the Corporation, except that the Corporation may pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and may make payments and distributions in furtherance of the non-profit purposes stated in the Articles of Incorporation.]

Article II – Membership

Section 1 – Eligibility

All persons of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages in the State of Missouri are eligible for membership.

Clause 1 – Non-discrimination Clause

Club membership will not be denied to any individual on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, or sexual orientation.

Clause 2 – Teetotalers

The club will reserve the right to deny membership to all teetotalers, for as James Crumley wrote, “Never trust a man who doesn’t drink.”

Section 2 – Acceptance

Individuals will be accepted as members once an application has been processed by the Chief Directorate of Communications and the dues have been accepted by the Chief Directorate of Finance.

Section 3 – Designation of Member Classes

Clause 1 – Types

There will be four types of memberships within the KGB: Brewing Members, KGB Allies, Associate Members, and Institute Members.

Clause 2 – Brewing Members

A brewing member of the KGB is one who pays dues of a brewing member.  A brewing member will typically be one who is personally interested in homebrewing and being an active member of KGB.  Brewing members will have the benefit of voting on issues, tasting and judging beer, and are welcome to all special events involving the brewing or tasting of beer.  Brewing members are eligible to become Chairman, Deputy Chairman, a Chief Directorate, or a member of any of the units within the KGB.

Clause 3 – KGB Allies

KGB Allies will be participants of KGB activities and pay the dues of a KGB Ally member.  KGB Allies are primarily those that are interested in the tasting and judging of home brewed and commercial beers, but do not brew.  Allies will have voting rights, are welcome to all special events involving the tasting or judging of beer.  An Ally is eligible to become a Chief Directorate or a member of any of the units within the KGB.

Clause 4 – Associate Members

Associate members are those who are already members of any other homebrew club, or individuals who will not be active in the club, but still would like news and updates about the club.  Associate members will not have voting rights, will not be able to check out equipment, and will not be able to represent the KGB in any way.

Clause 5 – Institute Members

The policy collegium of the KGB may award institute sponsor membership to organizations or companies in exchange for services or other benefits to the club or its members.  Institute members shall not have voting rights, and are not eligible to become any part of the policy collegium.

Section 4 – Term of Membership

Clause 1 – Calendar Year

Upon acceptance of application and dues, the term of membership will be one calendar year.

Clause 2 – No Refund

If a member moves away, resigns, or quits, the individual will not be refunded their dues.

Article III – Dues

Section 1 – Amount and Due Date

Clause 1 – Amount

Dues will be in the amount set by the Policy Collegium of the club, and indicated on the membership form of application.

Clause 2 – Current Member Dues

Dues will be paid annually in January or before for the ensuing calendar year.  Current members must pay dues for the entire year.

Clause 3 – New Members

New members are charged full dues if they join before July 1.  Dues are half the regular dues for new members who sign up July 1or later.

Section 2 – Application

When applying for or renewing membership, dues will be collected by the Chief Directorate of Finance and may be paid with cash, personal check, or with a Pay Pal account (allowing you the use of credit card).

Section 3 – Purpose of Dues

Dues and any revenue generated by the club may or may not be used for the following non-exhaustive list: All Grain System for Club Rental, Pop-Up Tent, Brewing Related Books and Magazine Titles for Club Library, Beer Gun, Logoed Items, Club Banner for events, Business Cards, Club Meeting Space Rental, Special Events, Thank You Gifts, Plaques/Trophies for Club Competitions, Materials for Calibration/Educational Purposes, Off Flavor Sensory Sampling Supplies, Entry Fees and Postage for Club Only Competitions, Name Tags for Meetings, Card Stock, Club Bar, Up Front Money to Purchase Shirts, Hats, and other Logoed Items for Re-Sale, Supporting Local/State Homebrew Competition as a Sponsor, Fee to a National Homebrewers Conference, Port-A-Potty for Events.

Article IV – Policy Collegium

[Board of Directors. The affairs of the Kirksville Guild of Brewers shall be managed, supervised and controlled by a Board of Directors, which within the Kirksville Guild of Brewers shall be known as the “Policy Collegium,” and which shall be constituted and chosen as follows:]

Section 1 – Leadership

Clause 1 – Chairman

The Chairman of the KGB will be the person who conducts the meetings.  He or she will be responsible for securing the meeting place, setting the agenda, and providing leadership to the Directorates.  The Chairman is also required to be a member of at least one of the units within the KGB.

Clause 2 – Deputy Chairman

The Deputy Chairman will be the person who is in charge of the consumables at meetings.  He or she will organize food, tastings, and make absolute sure there will be an adequate supply of beer.  The Deputy Chairman is required to be a member of a unit within the KGB not on which the Chairman is a current member.

Section 2 – Directorates

Clause 1 – Chief Directorate of Communications

The Chief Directorate of Communications will oversee the Communications Unit within the KGB.  This chief will keep the membership informed of the unit’s activity at each meeting.  A member must first get the permission of this chief before publishing anything (email, Facebook, Twitter, magazines, etc.) in the name of the club or with a club logo.

Clause 2 – The Chief Directorate of Finance

This Chief Directorate of Finance will oversee the Finances, Inventory, and Membership Unit of the KGB.  This chief will keep the membership informed of revenue, expenditures, inventory, and new members at each meeting.

Clause 3 – The Chief Directorate of Education and Events

The Chief Directorate of Education and Events will oversee the Education and Events Unit of the KGB.  This chief will keep the membership informed of upcoming special events, projects, educational and certification opportunities at each meeting.

Clause 4 – The Sergeant at Arms

The Sergeant at Arms is honorary position awarded to a KGB Ally that gives much of his or her time to the promotion of homebrewing.

Clause 5 – Appointment of Chief Directorate

Chief Directorates are not electable positions and are by appointment.  Members interested in Chief Directorate positions must express their interest to the Chairman or Deputy Chairman.

Section 3 – Removal of the Leadership or Directorates

Any member of the Policy Collegium may be removed from their position (and the club) by a majority vote of the members.  Such a vote must be recommended by a member of the Policy Collegium.  Thus, any member that desires the removal of a member of the Policy Collegium must petition an existing member of the Policy Collegium to call such a vote.  A vote for removal must be included in the agenda and the membership must be notified of such a vote.

Section 4 – Resignation

If a member of the Policy Collegium resigns from his or her position, the other members of the Policy Collegium must select an individual who will serve as an interim for the remainder of the resigning member’s term.

Article V – Elections

Section 1 – Electable Positions

The Chairman and Deputy Chairman are electable positions.  The Chairman and Deputy Chairman must be elected each year.  All regular members of the organization are eligible to become Chairman or Deputy Chairman.

Section 2 – Items Put to Vote

Members of the Policy Collegium will decide what items shall be put to a vote.  If a member of the club would like an item to be put to a vote, he or she must petition to any member of the Policy Collegium. The entire membership must be notified of all items put to a vote before the meeting at which the vote is to occur.

Section 3 – Quorum

A meeting consisting at least two members from the Policy Collegium (one of which must be the Chairman or Deputy Chairman) and at least one third of the regular members will be considered a quorum.

Section 4 – Election Dates

Elections are to be held in December of each year with the new leadership taking office at the beginning of the New Year in January.

Section 5 – Election Process

Clause 1 – Nominations

During the November meeting, nominations for Chairman and Deputy Chairman will be taken.  Nominations may continue through correspondence to current officers between the November and December meetings.  Any person who is nominated has the right to decline the nomination.

Clause 2 – Elections

During the December meeting, elections for Chairman and Deputy Chairman will be conducted.  If elections are contested, voting members will vote by controlled ballot.  Any voting member may be present when the votes are tallied.  The results will be announced during the December meeting.

Clause 3 – Installation

The newly elected leadership will be installed at the January Retreat.

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1 – Meeting Regularity

Meetings are to occur monthly, and the dates and times are set for the whole year at the January Retreat.  The Chairman will be in charge of securing a meeting place from month to month.  The Policy Collegium should meet 15-30 minutes prior to the regular meeting time.  Business will usually be conducted fast (or not at all), followed by brewing, tasting, or some special event of the month.  In conducting business, Robert’s “Rules of Order” shall generally govern all meetings of the club.

Section 2 – January Retreat

The January Retreat is for the placement of new leadership, a restatement of goals and objectives, a review of these By-Laws, a setting of calendar dates for meetings and a plan for a membership drive.

[Section 3 – Annual Meeting of Members

An annual meeting of Members shall be held in December of each year, and shall be held for the purpose of electing the Chairman and Deputy Chairman and transacting such other business as may come before the meeting. At this meeting, The Chairman and the Chief Directorate of Finance shall report on the activities and financial condition of the corporation; and the members consider and act upon such other matters as may be raised.]

Article VII – Units

Section 1 – Communications

The Communications Unit will be overseen by the Chief Directorate of Communications.  Members of the Communications Unit will be in charge of such things as marketing for the club, website, newsletter, and external relationships (businesses, Kirksville City Council, Missouri General Assembly, etc).

Section 2 – Finances, Inventory, and Membership Unit

The Finances, Inventory, and Membership Unit will be in charge of any and all club finances (collecting dues and depositing funds into organization account), any inventory the club owns and where items are located (if not at the club location), and membership list maintenance.

Section 3 – Education and Events

The Education and Events Unit may develop major seasonal and social events (such as a Beer Festival, a Club Competition, a monthly “Brew Day,” etc.), a time-line for beer judge or Beer Cicerone certification, an activity for each meeting, and the annual banquet.  Activities may include a mini-course on something Brewing Science Related, a build-your-own project for the club, or a tasting and beer judging exercise.

Article VIII – By-Law Acceptance Changes

Section 1 – Acceptance

These By-Laws are voted upon and accepted at the time of adoption by a majority vote of regular members.

Section 2 – Procedure for Changes

Any member may petition for a change in the by-laws.  The petition for changes must be in writing and introduced at a regular meeting of the organization.  The proposed changes must be in the minutes and newsletter and will be voted on at the next regular club meeting provided a 28-day waiting period has been met.  A vote of the majority of the club’s current members must approve a by-law change.

Article IX – Dissolution

In the event that the club dissolves, any inventory will be auctioned off or given to Salvation Army or Goodwill, and all money will be given to The United Way of Northeast Missouri.