Learn How to Homebrew Day

Are you interested in learning how to homebrew and don’t know where to start?  Maybe you already have brewed a few times and would like a refresher on how its done?  Perhaps you just want to hang out with cool homebrewers and drink some good home brew?  The KGB is hosting a Learn How to Homebrew Day in conjunction with the American Homebrew Association on Saturday, November 1st, from 1-3:30pm at 1 Broadview in Kirksville, MO.

At this event, we will be brewing The Innkeeper from Northern Brewer.  The goal of this day will be to use the minimal amount of equipment necessary, and to simplify the process as much as possible.  We want to make it as accessible as possible to the most novice of homebrewer.  Although experienced homebrewers are welcome and encouraged to come, leave your high level of brewing vocabulary at home!

This event is particularly for those that haven’t yet brewed their first batch and want to, or have only brewed a few times (perhaps unsuccessfully) and would like a refresher course to see what may have gone wrong.

Come and join us! Bring a 6-pack, kick back, and learn how to homebrew.