What goes on at KGB meetings?

Meetings are usually 2 hours long with the bulk the discussion taking place in the first hour. The second hour is tasting new beers. If you love trying new beers, there is no better place to try experimental and adventurous brews than a brewers’ meeting. Members (and non-members) share their home brews in search of feedback, troubleshooting advise, and just to share their latest creation. Don’t be shy about attending–we love nothing more than sharing our creations with a new friend.

What is a Hoppy Hour?

Hoppy Hours are events that are open to the public. As you may have guessed, these events are simply an excuse to try new beer and meet new people.

Do I need to be a member to attend a meeting?

Of course not, silly. Get your butt over to a meeting and come hang out with us. We want to share our beer with you.

What are the membership fees?

The annual membership fee is $25.00. Membership includes a FREE t-shirt and a full year of meetings, where we taste and share lots of beer. T-shirts are normally $15.00 and with the amount of beer sharing that goes on at meetings, membership pays for itself. Members participate in money saving discounts like bulk order-sharing. Members also “compete” in the intra-KGB beer of the month home brew competition. You can register for the KGB at any meeting (check calendar), by emailing, or through the contact link.