Tipsy Farmer Vanilla Crème Ale – 5 Gallons

10# 2-row
½# Carafoam
½# Carapils
½# Cane Sugar
2oz. Citra at 60 minutes (13.3% AAU)
2oz. Crystal at 10 minutes (3.1% AAU)
1 pack S-04 British yeast
Vanilla to taste (approximately 2-4 Tbp.)

Estimated IBU’s = 39
Calculated O.G. = 1.065
Estimated ABV = 6.5-6.8

Mash 60 minutes at 152° (Grist to water ratio = 1.5qts./1#)
Boil 60 minutes
            60- add 2 oz. Citra
            15- add 1 tsp. Irish Moss
            10- add 2 oz. Crystal and ½# Cane Sugar
Chill, transfer, aerate and pitch yeast between 65-72°
Ferment at 65 for 2 weeks

Fermentation should be complete in a few days but leave in fermenter for 2 weeks for yeast to clean up and clarify. Not necessary, but cold crash 1 day
before kegging/bottling to further clarify.

This recipe is the exact one for “People’s Choice” Award at STBB#8 but it is very versatile. Substitute Cara120 for Carapils for more caramel flavor. Citra can be replaced with Crystal for less hop bittering. Try US-05 American yeast for a little citrus/fruit flavor.

RDWHAHB, Cheers! Bob Lawrence